MAF 3180

Gama MAF este îmbogățită cu un model nou puternic cu diferite motoare și o dimensiune mai compactă adresată unui segment de piață diferit.

Un nou design chiar mai atrăgător.

Ofera acelasi comfort care a facut succesul seriei MAD.

Același confort și fiabilitate care a asigurat succesul seriei MAF.

Descarca brosura




Even more attractive with the new profile that highlight the design.
The MAF 4180 shows off muscles with the characteristic style of the entire MAF series.
Every detail has been designed to combine functionality with beauty, ergonomics and comfort.
On the inside, the comfortable and spacious cab houses technologically advanced instrumentation, perfect for the most demanding of operators.


Two handy hydraulic ladders provide easy access to the cab.


Pozitionarea compartimentelor

Two compartments are positioned on the sides of the machine. The right-hand compartment contains a powerful 315 l/min pump, and all the electro hydraulic valves for easy maintenance. The left-hand compartment contains all the functions for filling with water, chemical products, or for clean water washing, operated from a conveniently positioned panel and by easy to use multifunction valves.
Washing operations provide for a total wash including the tank, or a partial wash of the circuit without passing through the tank. Alongside the left hand compartment can be found all the controls for the hydraulic pumps.
Available as option a specific kit that includes a pump 400lt / min and all the motorized valves.

MAF-vani1 MAF-vani2 MAF-vani3 MAF-vani4 MAF-vani5 MAF-vani6

Dimensiuni si greutate

The MAF 4180 features  are surprising. A very modest weight, just 90,000 kg when fitted with a 24 metre steel boom.

Exceptional weight distribution when fully laden and with the booms open, with 50% on the rear axle and 50% on the front. Overall height never exceeds 4000mm, even when configured with a ground clearance of 1700mm.
Width on the road reduced to 2550mm with booms of up to 28 metres and 2850mm with booms of 32-36 metres.
MAF is available as standard with ground clearance of 1200mm and a track of 1800 to 2250mm.
Designed for all crops, MAF 4180 further expand the range of customization with in 3 tracking and clearance available:
– Tracking 1800 to 2250mm with clearance 1200mm as a standard
– Tracking from 1500 to 1800mm with clearance 1200mm for horticultural crops or those with narrowly spaced rows.
– Tracking from 2250 to 2950 with clearance of mm 1400 or 1700 for tall crops such as oilseed rape, maize or sunflower




Acoustic comfort with only 67.2 dBA, excellent visibility both while working and when on the road, a passenger seat as standard, centralised lighting and a Krammer pneumatic seat. An essential interior design combined with a sophisticated air conditioning system, available also at Level 4, to satisfy European regulations. The technology of the design and the way it has been developed provide MAF users with the levels of quality, comfort and performance that we aimed for.

The seat, console, joystick and steering wheel are all fully adjustable to make you comfortable as you start your working day. The perfect air conditioning and the stereo sound system enhance the pleasure of driving a MAF.

Comprehensive instrumentation for all the needed information, available at a glance.

– A Terra Display for efficient real-time monitoring of all the functions relating to the engine, the hydraulics and the electronic steering management system.

– A BRAVO 400s computer with optional GPS for automatically shutting off sections of the boom on the same monitor.

-An ergonomic joystick for controlling the delivery of water, drive and boom functions.

-A control panel positioned at the side of the armrest.

MAF-cabina1 MAF-cabina2 MAF-cabina3 MAF-cabina4 MAF-cabina5 MAF-cabina6



The design of the frame is fundamental to the design of the machine. As with all the frame of Mazzotti self-propelled vehicles, the rugged one-piece frame of the MAF series has been designed in all its detail to a high standard of safety and is made of specially sourced high quality steel. Mazzotti never compromises safety.


Particular attention has been paid to protecting the frame from corrosion, the ever increasing use of liquid fertilisers calling for a high standard of painting. The entire painting process includes sand-blasting, 8 washing cycles, 2 rust-proofing treatments, 2 coats of epoxy powder paint and baking at 190°.


Stabilitate si Comfort

The MAF 4180  is extremely comfortable and safe both on the road and while working. This is the result of the independent wishbone rear suspension and the independent front suspension, and the careful tuning of Mazzotti’s innovative hydraulic suspension system.
The suspension units are linked hydraulically on each axle and controlled by a hydraulic control unit that adjusts the travel and firmness in line with the variations in the load. 6 pressure accumulators are constantly working to compensate for the unevenness of the ground and to keep the MAF stable and comfortable.
The suspension Hydraulic Mazzotti is extremely comfortable and safe, supported by a very  easy maintenance.

A Mazzotti choice of reliability adopted to avoid level sensors, electronic management or compressors that may create malfunction in time.



The MAF 4180is available as standard with ground clearance of 1200mm and a track of 1800 to 2250.


Designed for all crops, it is available with an increased ground clearance of 1400 or 1700mm and track of 2250-2950mm to allow spraying of tall crops such as oilseed rape, maize or sunflower.

Also available in versions with a clearance of 1200mm and track of 1500-1800mm for horticultural crops or those with narrowly spaced rows.


Hydraulic track adjustment

The standard way to adjust the track is to lift the vehicle with a suitable hydraulic lift and widen the axle by means of remotely controlled hydraulic cylinders.

Automatic track adjustemt

For frequent changes to the track, there is a system available for all tracking choice, that enables the adjustments to be made automatically from the cab.
The track can be adjusted within two predefined ranges: from 1500 to 1800mm, from 1800 to 2250 or  from 2250 to 2950mm.




A powerful JCB engine 165 HP Tier 3/a or 175 HP Tier 3/b  optimized for MAF 4180 and sound-proofed. A generous torque respectively of 650Nm/1500 rpm or 680Nm/1500 rpm ensures the MAF keeps going in all conditions.

MAF-motore1 MAF-motore2 MAF-motore3

Sistemul de racire

Separate cooling circuits are provided for the engine, the hydraulic oil and the air conditioning for optimum efficiency. A 200 litre hydraulic oil tank to prevent over-heating.

MAF-raffreddamento1 MAF-raffreddamento2


A SAUER – POCLAIN transmission has been designed to provide traction in the most challenging of situations. Two SAUER pumps manage the traction of the front and rear POCLAIN motors, without the need for electronic assistance. Two speeds of travel, 0-20 and 0-40 kph, and Slow Motion cruise control from 0-20 kph as standard.

MAF-trasmissione1 MAF-trasmissione2


3 sisteme de franare

Steering all 4 wheels is essential for reducing the time required for positioning on the field and to avoid damage to the crops. The rear wheels always follow the front.

2 steered wheels while working and on the road.

4 steered wheels for manoeuvring while working.

4 crab steered wheels for specific manoeuvres.
MAF 4180 is available as well with downgrade to 2 front wheels steering only.


Steering Redius

Very small internal/external steering radius of 3900/5700mm with tracking 1800mm



Quick and intuitive switching between 2 and 4 wheel steering by means of a pedal. Exclusive Mazzotti hydraulic locking system with mechanical safety on the rear wheels. The certainty of always staying on the road at all times.



Pozitia rezervoarelor

MAF 4180 guarantee extended operating times. The main tanks has effective capacity of 4000 litres (Max capacity 4130lt)  and is fitted as standard with internal anti-slosh baffles.


Apa si Circuitul de Curatare a Rezervoarelor

Two clean water tanks with a combine capacity of 500 litres are fitted, for thorough cleaning of the main tank and the circuit.


Rezervorul de Combustibil

The fuel tank has a capacity of 280 litres for extended operating times.MAF-cisterne-carburante

Rezervorul de Ulei

The hydraulic oil tank has a capacity of 200 litres.




The specialised experience accrued over the last 3 decades dedicated to the designing of self-propelled crop sprayers is an important reason why you can trust in the reliability of our machines. So is the ISO 9001 certification that our company has achieved several years ago. Our choice of partners has always required that they be certified companies sharing the same standards of reliability.

Mazzotti’s partners include Sauer -Poclain –Perkins -CLAAS

MAF-affidab-componenti1 MAF-affidab-componenti2 MAF-affidab-componenti3

Terra Engine Management

The Terra Display for efficient real-time monitoring of all the functions relating to the engine, the hydraulics and the electronic steering management system.


Protejarea Unitatilor de Control

The electrical system has been carefully designed. It has no junction boxes but a single, waterproof, sealed control box, positioned under the cab.


Sistemul electric

The Can-bus connections, along with the external Deutz connections, are the best devices available to completely eliminate water seepage.




A large and fast 60 litre pre-mixer with a hydraulic lifting system is provided for loading chemical products to be mixed in the main tank, complete with container washing nozzles

Pompa si Hidrantul

Filling can be carried out by means of a pump with a 3″ outlet or directly using an external pump with a 2″ hydrant connection. The Visio monitor lets you see how many litres have actually been loaded into the tank.

Tambur furtun (optional)

Filling can also be carried out using a hydraulic hose reel and a 500 l/min centrifugal pump. The system carries out the filling of the main tank and the two clean water tanks automatically.




A high-performance 315 l/min diaphragm pump is provided as standard (optional 400lt/min)

Ground level controls

All the main functions are activated by easy to use  multifunction valves.
Washing operations provide for a total wash including the main tank, or a partial wash of the circuit without passing through the main tank.
On the control panel can also be found all the functions relating to the filling pumps, the washing circuit, the engine and the pre-mixer.


Computer Bravo + GPS

Mazzotti has chosen the Bravo 400s as standard equipment, with a clear display on its 5.7″ screen of all the principal data. As an option, a highly effective GPS system that automatically shuts down sections of the boom can be integrated into the same monitor, to halt spraying on areas that have already been treated. Easy recording of information with 2 GB of internal memory, 2 USB ports and an SD slot.




A long travel, dampened parallelogram lifting system raises the boom up to 2700mm from the ground. The parallelogram supports booms of up to 36 metres and is dampened by two calibrated pressure accumulators. This, along with the suspension and the self-levelling system, enables rapid and precise crop treatment.

Cadrul Central

The sturdy Ci-M series frame with self-levelling system and integrated tilt regulator, is made of high strength structural steel to ensure the longevity of the structure.

Because of the high inertia of the booms up to 36 metres, the central frame has been designed with horizontal shock absorbers and return springs that have the function of absorbing the forces that develop under braking and acceleration with the boom open.



The MAF series supports Ci-M series booms with lengths of 24 to 36 metres.

The arms of the Ci-M series marry variable geometry to the rugged central frame’s tilt regulator. The safety lies in the automatic return of the final section and the nozzles being protected along the entire structure.

Special attention has been paid to the cataphoresis (by immersion) painting cycle that includes sand-blasting, 2 washing cycles, rust-proofing and 2 coats of paint followed by baking in an oven.

The booms are supplied with either 7 (24 metres) or 9 (28/32/36 metres) sections, and electrical or automatic shut off by means of the GPS system.


Boom Option

The Ci-M series booms are available in lengths of 32 and 36 metres with final sections in carbon steel, which is extremely study yet light, resulting in low inertia under braking and acceleration. Booms of up to 28 metres can be fitted with an air assistance. Regulation of the turbine speed from the cab makes it possible to deliver the air in accordance with the needs of the treatment.



Acces usor la motor

Two handy hydraulic ladders provide access to the engine and to the generous space set aside for storing products.

Acces usor la pompa

The right hand compartment contains a powerful 315 l/min pump, and all the electro-hydraulic valves for an easy maintenance.


Access Usor la Sistemul de Control

Alongside the left hand compartment can be found all the controls for the hydraulic pumps.




A wide range of accessories complete the choice of your machine, including:
•Automatic drive Trimble Autopilot with FmX monitor from 12,1’ colour touchscreen, including antenna and RTK system. Modem or a choice of radar. Available with Field-IQ system for control Trimble sections

•Dynamic brakes on the front wheels

•Front and rear video cameras

•Automatic boom levelling system with 4 sonic sensors.

•Special aerial in combination with the GPS, for accurate calculation of the area treated in hilly terrain.

•Semi-continuous circulation, to eliminate the differences in delivery between the various sections of the boom on start-up

•Filler hose reel with centrifugal pump.

•Front and rear wheel guards (figure 5)

•Hose reel with wand for cleaning the machine at 15 bar

•Hose reel with compressor for compressed air cleaning

•Broad range of tyres, including:

320/95 R46 (1720×315), 480/70 R34 (1580×480), 420/70 R34 (1576×479),
540/70 R34 (1579×479)

Version High Speed

Available from May 2015, the High Speed version of MAF 4180, has been specially developed for fast spraying treatment of specific cereal crops.

HighSpeed version will be equipped with a variant of the suspension Hydraulic MAF.
Nr 4 completely independent wheels suspension, always controlled by three pressure accumulators on each pair of suspensions.

It will be available with a ground clearance of mm1700 and tracking 2250 to 2950mm, mechanically adjustable.